About Us

4Space LLc. Is a California Limited Liability Corporation who partners with major commercial corporations to develop content and products incorporating both the private and public Space Industry. Our commercial clients are able to leverage the extensive network of experts assembled by 4Space to address almost any need they may have that related to the Space industry. 

Our Vision

4Space will help build the commercial space ecosystem through connecting and integrating the technologies and capabilities of the commercial and governmental space systems with global corporations to create new business opportunities and models.

Chantelle Baier - Founder

Chantelle Baier – Founder

Chantelle Baier, Founder of 4SPACE, presents a unique combination of creativity, contacts, and out of the box thinking.  4SPACE was formed in 2018 to provide a structured vehicle that merges this new thinking, talents, and assets effectively to address the radical changes that we have experienced and those that will be forthcoming.

Ms. Baier’s leadership is recognized by her service on numerous boards to include Moon Village Association, AIAA Technical Committee, HP’s Mars Home Planet Advisory Panel, Yuri’s Night Special Relations, and Orange County Children’s Book Festival. 

She currently holds a senior executive position on the National Space Society’s Board of Directors serving as Director as well as the Creative Director. In this capacity, she stands at the vanguard towards creating a reality where everyday citizens leverage the vast resources of space to thrive in communities beyond Earth, creating technologies and capabilities for the betterment of humanit

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