Bridging Science, Art and STEM initiatives to advance the sustainability of HUMAN LIFE

Taking the Next Step Toward the FINAL FRONTIER

4 Space takes a bold approach to space travel by working with leaders in the industry, sending technology and luxury
out to space. We also collaborate with enterprise companies to bring them into the industry and forge private partnerships.


Who We Are

We are a woman-owned Space company that works with the likes of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and Space Shepherd. Our goal is to advance the sustainability of human life by creating the first multi-industry economy in space.

We are also an official channel partner of Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’ very own Space company. Our partnership with the enterprise will aid us in our mission to send the first authorized artwork to the moon.

Get More Information on Our Missions

To learn all about the projects we have planned for the moon, Mars, and earth, explore our website today.